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Here we acquisition ourselves in the 21st aeon and cars are active by themselves, refrigerators are acclimation aliment automatically on the interweb, and a lot of abominable of all, Millennials accept become the bigger buyers of new homes! You could accept bamboozled me. (See the Millennial Song hotlink below).

And, as we move atrociously into the future, technology is advanced faster than anytime afore in the history of mankind. A absolute archetype of this is Basic Reality. It has fabricated amazing advances in just how absolute the basic chat that is created tricks us into cerebration it is the absolute world. (Read Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, accounting all the way aback in 1992, for a glimpse of the future). My nephew works for Microsoft in the basic absoluteness administration and he let me try out the latest hardware/software. In one affairs I acquainted I was at the top of Mount Everest and addition at the basal of the ocean, acrimonious up clams. I absolutely anticipation I was there!

So how does this anon appulse our future, or added specifically, mine? The canicule of the avant-garde kitchen are cartoon to a close. Anytime back Eve, with Adams help, messed up in the garden, they had to alpha advancing aliment for their ancestors by themselves. Hence the charge for a activity kitchen. But account Adam or Eve putting on their VR (Virtual Reality) headsets and dialing into any restaurant they had a admiring for. Open the basic menu, acquaint the avatar (fake [virtual] person) aide what they would like, and pay with a Bitcoin!

A few account after a driverless car would cull up to their home with their basic banquet (probably just some mush) and a apprentice would ring the doorbell. They would absolutely anticipate it was by far the best meal they anytime had. Basic Absoluteness 1; Kitchen 0.

Fortunately, it’s not as austere as it sounds. Although we’re all crumbling in abode as you apprehend this, we’re not absolutely there yet (even admitting I am application Chat 2003 on a Basic Windows XP program, residing about central my Windows 10 computer). Fortunately we still charge kitchens and we’ll consistently charge bathrooms (I think). Our best bet is to try to boring acclimate to the new technology. Talk to Siri and Alexa which are acceptable means to activate and you’ll still be able to sit in your kitchen to eat, do homework, accept coffee and apprehend the bi-weekly (while they still exist).

I amount kitchens as we apperceive them will be about for at atomic addition twenty or thirty years, so if you are cerebration about adjustment don’t delay until they are obsolete. Remodel now so you can adore it for abounding years to come. And, if you wish to get a jump on things, abatement is the best time to alpha planing and accepting projects moving.

Hurricanes, nuclear threats and all-around abating may appear and go, but for now annihilation makes you feel bigger than a new or adapted kitchen or bathroom. Even if you accept to pay the drop in Bitcoins!

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