Mahakavi Subrahmanya Bharathi,The Great Tamil Poet Recognised As National Poet: A Brief Introduction

Mahakavi Subhramania Bharathi (11.12.82-11.9.21)or artlessly Bharathi was a avant-garde Tamil artist recognised as National artist of India. He recognised Sister Nivedita, adherent of Swami Vivekananda as his mentor. He was a abreast to Bengali artist Rabindra Nath Tagore. He had abundant admiration appear Madame Annie Besant and addict of Bala Ganghadhar Thilak. He formed forth with acute accumulation associates like V.O.Chidambaram Pillai and Subramaniyam Siva. He was active alternatively in Tamilnadu and Pondicherry. His balladry are broadly classified as 1. Devotional songs 2. Patriotic songs 3. Biographical songs 4.Short narrations and 5. General songs. This commodity is a bashful attack to acquaint this abundant artist to the readers who ambition to apperceive added about him.

Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathi, as a adherent of UNIVERSAL ENERGY.

“I saw a tiny atom and kept it safe in a timberline aperture in a abutting forest,

LO! The absolute backwoods was bargain to ashes.

Is there any aberration in blaze as a new built-in or old?

Thaththarikita thaththarikita thaththom”

- Thus dances artist Subhramania Bharathi, in acclaim of Agni (fire) one of the 5 elements of the Universe He has articulate in acclaim of several Hindu Gods in a way different to him. Nowadays in about all the academy prayers, his songs on Gods are rendered to adjure blessings of the Almighty.

Bharathi begin a appropriate awe and account for blaze in his balladry even in his adoration of the Almighty. Though he wrote balladry on Hindu macho Gods like Krishna and Muruga, his description of Goddess of Ability is unique.

He visualised Goddess Shakthi as the ultimate catholic energy. He generally acclimated to ball in amusement praising the catholic activity as:

“Let us acclaim the Mahasakthi (Cosmic energy) who has created the absolute Universe,

She is hidden in the abundant 5 elements which aggregate the EARTH,

She is the antecedent abaft all movements, acceleration

And all adorable armament on Earth,

She is the force of our lives and she is the aliment which men yield to reside

“Wherever you see, merges and assuredly collapses into Shakthi only”

which abstraction resembles the abstraction of ‘singularity’ in Science.

In accession to Hindu deities, he sang in acclaim of Jesus Christ, Islam aswell in his accepted way. He was a lover of the Universe with appropriate advertence to the citizenry Bharath in which he was living. He alleged her Bharathamatha (mother Bharath) and sang ‘vandhe madharam’ (Praise to my motherland). The byword Vandhe Madharam had a bewitched aftereffect on Indians angry for abandon and several abandon fighters sacrificed their lives captivation tricolor, abutting to their chests and adopting this bewitched byword till their endure animation while accepting attacked by British soldiers. Alas! avant-garde Indian adolescence are to be reminded of the absolute cede fabricated by adolescent abandon fighters of those canicule to get abandon from adopted rule.

Patriotic songs:

Poet Bharathi consistently admired to analyze Indian abandon attempt to the war of Mahabharath, the abundant Indian epic. For him, the British rulers were Kauravas and Indian abandon fighters were Pandavas. He had affection for acute access admitting Gandhians adopted to go by acquiescent non-violence. Hence we could see his aboveboard disapproval of non-violent attempt in his songs. He said:

“My affection Does not abide these bottomless humans who are abashed of everything” in a black affection as a absolute advertence to moderates and those who were aloof to the agitated struggle. However his admiration to Mahatma Gandhi, the apostle of acquiescent non-violence was unique. He equated him with God and says,

“Mahatmaji, you are the saviour of Bharath, which was beneath the anchor of poverty, benightedness and so lying low and so was a broke country. You came as the saviour of this country Long activity to thee, Mahatma Ji!”

He was acutely in favour of armed attempt for accepting abandon and his leaders were Bal Gangadhara Thilak, Guru Gobindsingh, Dadabhai naoroji, Lala Lajpath Rai, V.O.Chidambaram Pillai who were all favouring armed struggle.

Bharathi was acutely afflicted by leaders from away too. He was demography vow to get abandon for India in the name of Mazzini, architect baton of YOUNG ITALY.

He sang an chant on the abatement of BELGIUM in the aboriginal apple war.

But what brought him acclaim in the all-embracing amphitheatre was his song on Russian revolution.

“Mahakali (The Goddess of ability and catholic energy) put her apparition on Russia,

The anarchy had its cutting beforehand for ages to come!

The tyrant of Russia fell down.”

He compared the tyrant to the puranic monster Hiranyan and anarchy to Goddess of Power. Goddess Ability baffled him and bargain him to ashes

‘Bharath’ of Bharathi’s dreams:

“We shall airing forth the peaks of ablaze hills

We shall forward our ships to abysmal western seas,

We shall assemble schools in all temples and

We will proudly say we are Bharathiyans (Indians).

We shall assemble arch beyond the sea to Srilanka (Ceylon)

We shall affix both by ample roads,

By application the abounding amnion of Eastern rivers

We shall adulterate in Central plateau

We will accept our own weapons, aftermath papers,

We shall beforehand Industries beforehand apprenticeship

We shall never rest, nor bow down our arch

We shall advocate Truth and appearance our mite.”

Poets are of assorted types. Some address balladry for money. Some poets address balladry out of their immense adulation for the citizenry and arresting Nature and the Almighty. Such poets who address affectionate Nature accept a Natural anticipation and what they address in beforehand will appear as accurate in after years.

We can see whatever Bharathi wrote in the aloft composition hundred years ago has become absoluteness now. India has apparent advance in all fronts abnormally in Science and Space Technology that India has already beatific its digital which landed on moon and the additional is to acreage on Moon in the next six months.

His angle on Woman Liberation:

He has got a appropriate abode in the role of Honour for abundant poets while because woman His angle on bridal allegiance is actual acclaimed and quoted everywhere if the accountable amount is discussed:

“When the catechism of animal chastity arises let us accumulate it accepted to both the sex” he declared if women were advised like slaves. His appearance on woman apprenticeship aswell are noteworthy.

Walk with cocked poser, attending with beeline eyes,

Don’t be abashed of anybody on Earth because of Morality,

Superiority because of absolute knowledge,

All these are control of Avant-garde woman”

Such women are accepted as Bharathi’s woman of New Age.

Bharathi’s balladry are like an ocean. One can not go through the absolute agreeable in a abbreviate time. At atomic a glassful of his balladry has been accustomed as above. If it kindles the absorption in readers’ apperception to go through the absolute writing, the purpose of this commodity is achieved.

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